A Capsule History

In 2004, Cramoil Holding Pte Ltd and Cramoil Chemical Corporation Pte Ltd was established as investment arms (in line with our company’s vision) to stretch our cleaning chemical activities to other ports and to expand our toxic waste management expertise to major Asian countries.

Over the years, Cramoil have grown into a reliable specialist/supplier in the petrochemical industry with current export markets in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Rotterdam, Taiwan, China and India. Today we make and sell more than 200 petroleum and chemical products. Now, we had firmly established ourselves as a key player in the toxic waste management business.

Cramoil has formed a consortium with a number of foreign contractors who tender for tank cleaning assignments for ships which are anchored at other sea ports across the globe. These consortium contractors would use Cramoil’s cleaning chemicals or solvents and they would provide the manpower and equipment to clean the tanks. Likewise, when ships (commercially linked to other consortium contractors) anchored at Singapore or Malaysia’s ports, they could get Cramoil to supply the cleaning chemicals solvents.

In Singapore, Cramoil’s main customers are the oil majors’ petrochemical companies, ship owners, shipyards, pharmaceutical and drugs manufacturers, various government departments’ health care establishments and airlines.

Company’s Core Strength

Our core strength lies in our ability to provide a one stop service to our marine shipowner’s customers. Our boats and logistic are on a 24/7 basis and our staff are trained and prepared to handle all kinds of emergency requests from our customers from combating oil spills by the Maritime port authorities to urgent ship supplies and machineries breakdown by marine or industrial customers. Besides supplying the cleaning chemicals, we also collect the toxic hazardous waste from tankers for proper disposal. Our range of product includes laboratory chemicals and equipment, and specialty product research. 

Over at the toxic waste management department, we are one of the two companies in Singapore who is able to meet all the stringent conditions of the National Environmental Agencies to obtain a license to incinerate hospital waste.