CR Degreaser D


It is a tank cleaning additive formulated with acid and detergent to remove rust stain from steel surface during cargo tank cleaning. It also known as a metal brightener. It is also used for treatment of metal surface before painting. Also, it can be used for electro-polishing, cleaning rust, proofing, priming as well as act as a fireside cleaner or metal cleaner in boiler room, kitchen and oven. 


It can remove severely soiled carbon, grease, oil stain, from tank containing grease, grease plashing, grease pigskin, latex synthetic, linseed oil, molasses, palm acid oil, palm oil crude, tallow, tall oil, cottonseed oil stearing, dry cargo containing carbon, charcoal, cement lime, grains, rusted and metal corroded tank before painting as well as flushing of cargo lines and tank. Last but not least, it can be used as a metal brightener for metal surface before painting.