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CR Zinc Safe Neutral HCF


It is a liquid based tank cleaning additive with low foaming surfactants that will rapidly removed vegetable oil, animal fats and lube additives without damaging aluminium or zinc coated tanks. This product has proven to be effective for the removal of rust sediments and hydrocarbon free cleaning operation. It can also be used as a final wash down when cleaning has been done by alkaline degreasers like CR alkaline degreaser LAC or CR Aqua Cleaner.


It can be used on all material surfaces, including zinc coated and aluminium tank. It is effective for the removal of the various cargo residues:

– All mineral oils, including but not limited to palm oil, linseed oil, coconut oil, corn oil, flaxseed oil, mineral seed oil, peanut oil, cashew oil, sunflower oil and tung oil

– All fats including but not limited to fatty acids, fatty alcohols and animal fats

– Lubricant additives from Exxon, Lubrizol Corporation, Shell and Chevro

– Petroleum products from petrochemicals especiallysensitive cargoes like methanol, glycols where the previous cargo contain high amount of chlorides and hydrocarbon i.e.: toluene, xylene, benzene, etc

– Effective as a removal of rust stains, contaminants andresidues

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