CR Degreaser E


It is a very effective tank cleaning additive for the cleaning of hardened lube oil additive, vegetable oil and animal fats. It is also extremely effective as a hydrocarbon remover. It is also able to remove odor from acrylate and foul smelling cargo effectively. This liquid water based alkaline cleaner is by far the most concentrated alkaline solution ever possible. This is due to the introduction of a new type of break through ethoxylated surfactants that enable the surfactants, complexing agents, and highly concentrated alkaline solution to blend without separation.


It is effective for the removal of the various cargo residues:
- All mineral oils, including but not limited to alpha olefins, camphor oil, carbolic oil, cashew nutshell oil, caster oil, crude palm oil, coconut oil fatty acid, corn oil, cottonseed oil, cotton seed oil stearine, latex, CTLA Polymer (Exxon), fish oil, tung oil, palm oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil
- All fats including but not limited to fatty acids, fatty alcohols and animal fats, fatty acid synthetic
- Lubricant additives from Exxon, Lubrizol Corporation, Shell and Chevron
- Petroleum products and petrochemicals including but not limited to lubricants, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil and dirty/sops oil tank, aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, butyl mathacrylate monomer and other odouress product, phenol, wax, grease white, greaser pleashing
- Coal and soot