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We manufacture and produce specialty chemicals, degreasers and blended petroleum products. Also, we manage toxic waste as well as operate incineration plant, wastewater treatment plant and distillation plant.

In Cramoil we work harder, think smarter and move faster so as to achieve mutually agreed quality requirement with all our customers and to manage their confidence through successful continuous improvement.

  • Our management personnel are all multi-tasking, hands on and can deal with all kind of people — from top level, professionals to contractors, drivers, boatman, etc. All male employees, from Managing Director to cleaners drive the forklift, are a company’s fire fighter and trained in emergency evacuation and response.
  • Staff are delegated with clear duties and given wide authorities to perform the job. Mistakes are quickly acknowledged and lesson learned.
  • Communications with each other and with customers are conducted with honesty and a high level of professionalism so as to achieve a high level of trust and mutual respect.
  • Idle talks, gossips, negative attitudes and unproductive behaviors are discouraged and swiftly dealt with

It is our policy to:

1) Conduct our activities in a manner that protects human health and safety and the environment

2) Conduct ourselves as responsible corporate citizens and to actively protect the health and safety interest of all our customers and staff

3) Commit full management support and interest to ensure that the policy is supported by action

We at Cramoil are working hard to create and widen our range of environmentally friendly specialty chemicals and degreasers that will not pose a hazard to our land or threaten the sustainability of the ocean. We are committed to creating CFC’s free cleaning chemicals and contribute to the worldwide anti-global warming efforts.

In the toxic waste management business, it is our goal to achieve 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste and we will actively work with our customers and associates to achieve waste minimization objective