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CR Degreaser C


It is a heavy duty tank cleaning additive formulated with inorganics. It has proved to be extremely effective as a lead, hydrocarbon and contaminant remover for tanks preparing and solvent loading. It able to remove and clean tanks containing hardened lube, vegetable oil, animal fats, acrylates and phthalates effectively.


It can be used for tank cleaning of tankers with iron, steel, epoxy and phenolic surfaces. Also, it is effective for the removal of the various cargo residues:Hardened lube, leaded product acelates, acrylate and phthalates:

– All mineral oil, including but not limited to alpha olefins, camphor oil, carbolic oil, cashew nutshell oil, castor oil, cashew nutshell oil, castor oil, crude palm oil, coconut oil fatty acid, corn oil, cottonseed oil, cottonseed oil stearine, latex, CTLA polymer (Exxon), fish oil, tung oil, palm oil, peanut oil and sunflower oil

– All fats including but not limited to fatty acids, fatty alcohols and animal fats, fatty acid synthetic

– Lubricant additives from Exxon, Lubrizol Corporation, Shell and Chevron

– Petroleum products and petrochemicals including but not limited to lubricants, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil and dirty/sops oil tank, aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, butyl methacrylate monomer and other odourless product, phenol, wax, grease white and greaser plashing
– Coal and soot

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